Argenteum Astrum Coming Attractions



By Jason Squamata copyright 2013

 ARGENTEUM ASTRUM: “BEYOND THE BEYOND!” is a twisted pulp fever dream, a dangerously tainted episodic cocktail of rocket science, astral astronomy, black magick, weird sex, and decadent old school espionage.

Follow shell-shocked compulsive pulp writer Cornelius Criswell from the mental ward of a military hospital in the wake of World War 2;

to a top secret institute of espionage where strange surgeries and brainwashing regimes add up to the perfect spy;

into the devil-worshipping supervillain demimonde of maniac scientist Marvel Solaris, his deranged cult of satanic sex maniacs and his star chamber coven of astral terrorists.

Follow a morally mercurial and deeply unreliable narrator into a voodootech thinktank disguised as a bohemian chateau of shame.

Into the recreational cruelties and psychotic master-plans of brilliant men and women who want to end the world as we know it and set space and time itself aflame as they escape it.  Into Eternity.

Follow this shifty grifter into a lusty labyrinth of orgone engines, dream-threshers, and spectral silver starships.

A wind-up spy going crazy in fits and starts, hunting and hunted in a house of devils where every other monster can read his mind.

Will our hero bust this cult, this demonic threat to the American Way and the fabric of reality itself?

Or will Cornelius Criswell slip ever more deeply into the convolutions of Marvel Solaris and his secret evil guru and their menagerie of delusions…until the other side of the looking glass and absolute madness are achieved?

Will Criswell bring the MetaBeast to justice or lose his own slippery soul to the acid-drooling syphilitic Buddha-bots that haunt the Moon Inside?

Only PULP IMPOSSIBLE provides you with the answers to these soul-shredding questions…and each solution is riddled, of course, with fresh and ferocious enigmas.

Don’t miss a single eviscerating episode of ARGENTEUM ASTRUM: “BEYOND THE BEYOND!”  Only in PULP IMPOSSIBLE!


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