New Pulp Fiction: Robots Unleashed!


robots unleashed pic

Robots Unleashed!

Edited by James Palmer

Stories by: James R. Tuck, Joel Jenkins, James Kinley

Available at Amazon.com

From Mechanoid Press

ISBN-10: 1494704668     ISBN-13: 978-1494704667

The Robots are Coming! Prepare yourself for these three awesome tales of robotic adventure. From the immediate past to the far future and every point in between! Join us as editor James Palmer (Monster Earth) brings together writers James R. Tuck (the Deacon Chalk series), Joel Jenkins (Dire Planet) and newcomer James Kinley bring you three startling tales of robotic action!

Witness as… Two pulp heroes must stop an invasion of giant Nazi robots… The President of the United States is kidnapped by sentient robots intent on enslaving humanity—and finds an unlikely ally… A disabled soldier gets a second chance to defend his country when he merges with a giant alien robot to fight off a daikaiju invasion! From the editor of Monster Earth and Strange Trails comes this mechanized trilogy of non-stop pulp action! If you like robots, you’ll love… Robots Unleashed!


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