New Pulp Fiction

Hot from the digital presses are works by creators burning with the energy and madness of New Pulp fiction. In the truest pulp tradition here are stories of adventure, weird horror, strange science fiction, unbridled imagination, and worlds where nothing is impossible. Available from the Pulp Impossible store

spiral galaxyThe Adventures of Mr. Now

Who is the mysterious space traveler known as Mr. Now? A genius child from the planet Earth, he tricked his way into a life of  incredible adventures in every corner of the multiverse. In his giant skull-shaped craft he goes where he wants because he’s so smart and weird that nothing, including the laws of physics, can stop him.  Follow him on his heart stopping, psyche shredding journeys as he does what he always does: something drastic and deeply strange.

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Read an excerpt from the Mr. Now adventure ‘The Death Dirge of the Hurang’.


The Case of the Missing Face

by Lisa R. Wells

Strange doings at the Briney Maiden tavern. Hard boiled street crime meets weird horror in this gritty tale by a talented new author.

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A-A=MARVEL SOLARISArgenteum Astrum

The super-heated cosmic odyssey of  a charismatic genius magician and his crew of sex-fueled bohemians and madmen as they use super science and super magick to go Beyond the Beyond.  Intrigues and mind bending adventures abound as this extraordinary team of psychonauts journey far past outer space and into realms of perversity and rapture. From the the white hot mind of New Pulp scribe Jason Squamata.

Feel the storm approaching in this coming attraction…

Learn more about the amazing cast of brilliant intellects and debauched mystic adventurers : Dramatis Personae

Read an excerpt from Argenteum Astrum “Beyond the Beyond!” Episode Zero

More coming soon….



Image of spiral galaxy courtesy ofNASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA).

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