Pulp Family

There are people in whose hearts the flame of pulp burns brightly.  For them pulp fiction offers a rare spark of electric ideas and the aching thrill of the macabre. It’s where they can find the base note beat of heart stopping adventure.  Pulp offers a stranger, horrifically beautiful, wide-open tomorrow and some people won’t let that die.

These are the people; the writers, artists, publishers, and fans; that have kept pulp fiction alive over the years, from its beginnings of ink on paper to the current digital age and will continue to do so into the future. They are the ones who, for money or love or need, create their stories and give free rein to their feverish, anything-goes imaginations.

They are all members of the Pulp Family and these are their stories.

ron fortierAir Chief Ron Fortier





DocMonsterpromoDave Flora

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